Oxygen in our facial tissue naturally declines with age due to a decrease in blood circulation. During the day we only breath in 20% oxygen. 

The great thing is that this problem can be easily solved with Oxygen Infusion. Oxygen Infusion delivers high purity oxygen (>95%)  to facial cells, pumping all that pure oxygen we are missing directly into our skin.

Oxygen facial therapy has been raved about by celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Langoria, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell and even male actors like Brad Pitt.

By using innovative technology from Intraceuticals to combine the delivery of high purity Oxygen with anti-oxidants and vitamins deep into the facial skin layers, we are able to achieve a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, post inflammatory pigmentation and target sun damaged skin.


This is an incredible offer only available over the Festive Season. Receive 6 Oxygen Rejuvenate plus Micro facial treatments as well  as Intraceuticals skin care products to maintain the treatments in between clinic visits. 

Oxygen Infusion Pack 1