A true powerhouse of acne-fighters, Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Skin Wash is the perfect cleanser for fighting acne without feeling the burn. A naturally foaming wash formulated with potent Acne-Fighters and Skin-Soothers, this is bound to be your favourite new way to fight acne.

Foaming without stripping, this Active-packed wash minimises breakouts, controls oil production, and halts bacteria in its tracks without causing dryness, flaking, or irritation. Say goodbye to the irritating, drying acne cleansers of your past. mediBac Clearing Skin Wash is your future favourite skin-saver.


Key benefits 

  • Cleanses and fights acne without drying, stripping, or irritating the skin
  • Minimises pore size
  • Clears current breakouts and prevents future breakouts
  • Controls and balances oil production
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • PETA-accredited, cruelty-free


Key ingredients

Salicylic Acid, a Beta-Hydroxy Acid, exfoliates within the pores, removing dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil to kill current breakouts and prevent future breakouts.
Balm Mint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Burdock, and Camphor combine to soothe, cool, and calm skin, preventing dryness and irritation.


How to use

  • If used in p.m. routine, remove makeup before use.
  • Deposit a grape-sized amount into one palm of wet hands.
  • Massage into the skin and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Proceed with skin routine as usual.


Who is Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Skin Wash for?

This product is ideal for those with particularly persistent acne, not just a few stray breakouts. This makes it an ideal choice for those with stubborn hormonal or all-over acne, particularly teens and those struggling with adult acne. Not suitable for those with inconsistent or minimal breakouts. Suitable for all ages and skin types, excluding those without any acne present.


How does Salicylic Acid fight acne? 

Salicylic Acid is a Beta-Hydroxy Acid that’s naturally derived from Willow Bark. This unique acid fights acne by exfoliating deep within the pore, loosening, lifting, and removing excess oils, dead skin cells, and acne-causing bacteria.