What makes a good anti-ageing skin care routine? the key ingredients for helping accelerate the skin’s natural regeneration process to have more firm, hydrated, brighter and even tone skin includes:

  • An exfoliator to increase cell turnover and skin regeneration

  • An antioxidant serum which includes Vitamin C which defends skin from oxidation and environmental damage

  • A good moisturizer that defends against UVA and UVB rays to avoid sun damage

A day and night skin care routine can make all the difference.


Complement your at home skin care routine with regular course of Oxygen Facials at Emerse (technology that pushes peptides, vitamins and anti-oxidants deep into the skin's surface) as this improves the appearance and texture of skin. Celebrities like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Eva Langoria believe regular Oxygen Facials have helped rejuvenate their skin.